Scholar in Residence Program

Gandhiji dreamt of a society based on decentralized, unexploitative, cooperative, self reliant, non-violent and peaceful living and stressed on manpower centered, economics of peace based social structure. Dr. Joseph Cornelius Kumarappa, a close associate and staunch supporter of Mahatma Gandhi’s ideology, believed in practical implication of economics of peace and permanence. Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj (KIGS) is working in Rajasthan for practical translation of their vision and ideologies since its inception in 1967. It aims at social transformation through development of simple and significant action research models and ensures participation of the stake holders i.e. rural poor at every level of the process of change. Thus, the institute serves as an ideal ground for those who want to experience how the ideologies are translated in field.


The students have to stay at the Institute’s campus and take part in its morning and evening activities. They have to take part in morning and evening prayer, meditation, cleaning the campus and learn how to spin cloth on spinning wheel i.e. “Charkha”, reading Gandhian literature and understanding it by going to the fields of KIGS and having an interaction with the villagers about the activities being taken up there, interaction with Gandhian thinkers and workers. They would be free to do any other work during daytime.


The Institute will provide facility of boarding and lodging alongwith kitchen facility (such as gas stove, utensils, etc. food not included, the students have to cook their own food). We feel that in order to understand the whole concept and philosophy the student should stay for at least one month. However he/she is free to stay as long s/he wishes to stay.


The Institute’s campus is a sacred place, where drinking and smoking is not allowed. The students are allowed to cook only vegetarian food in the kitchen. They should be prepared to a simple live life in accordance with Indian tradition and culture.


If you are interested in coming please send us the following information.


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For further information and costs please contact at the following address:


Dr. Amit Kumar

Project Coordinator


Kumarappa Institute of Gram Swaraj

B-190, University Marg
Bapu Nagar, Jaipur – 302015
Rajasthan (INDIA)


Phone: +91-9660037683, +91-9414203768